Highest Levels Of Service

The biggest benefit of switching to Help Desk NW is our access to ownership, and the amazing response times. They diagnose the specific problems, offer reasonable solutions, and never try and upsell us. From my experience in the high-tech industry in Seattle for a decade, I would recommend Help Desk NW because they would easily compete with any of the national service providers, and at the highest level.

Scott Wetzel CEO
Black Pearl Holdings, LLC

Prompt & Accessible Local Support

The biggest benefit moving our IT support over to Help Desk NW is that management is ALWAYS available - if they don’t answer at that moment, they call you back within just a few minutes. They are also local and can run over if they are able which is amazing. They stand apart from other IT Support firms because they are very accessible. They remember our conversation, so you don’t have to re-explain yourself. Having a local support firm, you can’t go wrong.

Kirstin Darry Director of Marketing
Recruiting & Training


I have been using Bryan at Help Desk NW at Bicycle Adventures for about 10 years now. He is absolutely the best. One particular night we were working on a new server for our phone system that was just not being cooperative. Bryan and I were on the phone with Australia from 5pm until 3am. He never complained once and all the problems were on the vendors side. Bet you would have a hard time finding an IT company that would work on one project until 3am! He has fixed any problems I throw at him and I would highly recommend Help Desk NW to anyone that asks.

Brad Barnard VP/Owner
Bicycle Adventures

Premier Security & Support

The Security Services of Help Desk NW are a huge benefit to our company. We handle our clients’ sensitive information all day long. If there’s a breach, it threatens our clients and drags our name through the mud. Bringing our system to a halt could be the least of our problems. What separates Help Desk NW from other IT Support firms is their response time. Experience doesn’t matter until it matters. But when it matters…boy does it matter! A computer system can run smoothly and life is beautiful. But when it doesn’t, if you’re not counting lost hours in downtime, you’re burying your head in the sand.

IT Services Spokane | Help Desk NW Gary Nims CEO
NPI Remodeling

Total Peace Of Mind Knowing Our Systems Are Secured...

Two of the biggest benefits in switching Windermere Valley to Help Desk N.W. is response time and peace of mind knowing our systems are secured. Help Desk N.W. has all our network set up with state-of-the-art security.

They answer their phones live and respond to emails promptly, that is an amazing benefit. A major difference from other IT firms is their network documentation, and we know who is coming when we submit a service request.

If you are looking for great IT firm, call Bryan they are the best and the owner is super nice.

Sally Prete General Manager
Windermere Spokane Valley